About Crowdz

Crowdz is a Fintech company focused on helping small businesses (SMBs) reclaim the future. We are building a business capital platform that offers an alternative financing solution for small businesses so they can accelerate their cash flow. Invoices are at the heart of everything small and mid-sized enterprises do. They impact hiring, buying products and growth. Every day spent waiting to receive a receivable is a missed opportunity. Our goal is to level the playing field by providing SMBs access to more working capital to grow their business. At Crowdz, we are speeding up cash flow with a global exchange for receivables that puts money on the books in record time and helps businesses thrive.

Our Logo

A pair of dolphins symbolize the pack or crowd lifestyle these aquatic mammals use to beat out hunting competitors and thrive. A circular swim pattern hints at the continuous flow of cash that comes from teaming up with Crowdz.

Social Impact​

Our mission is dedicated to helping SMBs reclaim their future by enabling them to obtain the working capital to fund business growth: improve cash flow, purchase inventory, hire staff, invest in growth, and most importantly, stay in the game. By connecting buyers and sellers of receivables with the tools and the platform to get paid faster, we eliminate the need to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to receive a payment. Social impact is at the core of what we do at Crowdz, and we want to ensure businesses have their chance to change the world. Our team is invested in ethical supply chains and environmental impacts.


March 2022

$50M receivables funded with Crowdz


8 patents pending 3 awarded


Crowdz partners with Angels Den to launch the Angels Den Finance Program to help startups in the UK get access to working capital finance

November 2021

Crowdz was accepted to the Mayor’s International Business Program as a Finance Cohort Member by London & Partners


Recurring Revenue Finance launches on Crowdz, a financing option that provides capital to SaaS or businesses operating on a subscription-based model

Meta Invoice Fast Track expands pilot program to certified diverse-owned businesses in partnership with 7 organizations


$10M receivables funded with Crowdz


Crowdz partners with Western Union to develop a new payment platform for funding and repayment

Crowdz total capital raised is $13.8M


Crowdz awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

Crowdz goes live in the US and the UK + launches its first White Label


The Global Receivables Marketplace launches into production


Crowdz launches the first pilot of the Global Receivables Marketplace

Series A: The company receives its first institutional investment (5.5M) led by Barclays Bank and Bold Capital Partners


Payson does a presentation at 500 Startups Read More

A Harvard Business School study reveals most small businesses (SMBs) only have enough cash on hand to stay afloat for 2 weeks, while UK SMBs can last 2–4 weeks. The research also shows that SMBs outpace enterprises when it comes to US employment contributions, hugely impacting economic activity.

27,000 Small Businesses – The demand for financing soars as Covid-19 hits the economy

Crowdz joins Barclays Techstars London Accelerator Program


Innovation platform Plug And Play (Brand and Retail + Supply Chain accelerators programs) invites Crowdz to participate in its accelerator platform.

Other accelerators include FuturePlay (Korea) and TechCode (China)

Crowdz members spend a lot of time in Beijing and Seoul.


The first risk scoring process emerges and is called SMART score. (The name later changed to SuRF Score; as part of a Californian branded theme.)


Crowdz adopts a B2C strategy for retail purchasing but swiftly returns  to its roots, the supply chain for B2B.


Crowdz was officially incorporated

Crowdz moves into its first office, located in Campbell, California.

Kevin Hopkins joins as a co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Vice President, Product. Brings lots of experience. Wears lots of hats.

Cue the elbow grease

100 Years of combined industry experience on the executive team


Crowdz CEO Payson E. Johnston and COO Steven Lee—who crossed paths as Cisco’s global B2B supply-chain senior managers for global processes—share a lightbulb moment when recovering the supply chain of the Thailand Floods and Japanese Earthquakes of 2011.