About Us

Sunnyvale, Calif., based Crowdz—the B-Commerce Company™ is the creator of the world’s first blockchain-based B2B ecommerce marketplaces.

Applying cutting-edge artificial-intelligence principles as well as emerging digital technologies like smart contracts and IoT tracking to antiquated & costly B2B commerce systems, the Crowdz platform allows retailers, manufacturers, & brands to buy & sell products throughout the supply chain faster & more efficiently than ever before.



Founded in 2014, Crowdz is headed by Payson E. Johnston, former B2B supply-chain senior manager for Cisco, and its executive team boasts more than 90 years of combined experience in B2B sourcing, supply chain, blockchain, e-retail, and ecommerce.

Crowdz’s technologies are currently covered by seven pending patents, and a beta version of Crowdz’s sourcing system is currently being used by 240 seller companies offering 1.3 million products.


Crowdz has been honored to be selected to
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The Global Commerce Challenge

The global B2B commerce market will exceed $25.00 trillion by 2020. Yet, even by then, only about 23% of global B2B sales—and just 11% of B2B sales in the United States—will be digitized.

This lack of digitization imposes long delays & huge inefficiencies on business transactions, costing buyers & sellers of all sizes & locations an aggregate of $4.00 trillion or more each year in unnecessary costs & lost sales.


The B-Commerce

B-Commerce—or blockchain-based commerce—is the solution to these challenges. Even today, blockchain is becoming recognized as the future of business commerce.

But while most current blockchain applications focus on payments, security, logistics, and authenticity & provenance verification—all critical issues, to be sure—Crowdz is dedicated to a much more transformative purpose: using blockchain to synchronize & accelerate business commerce.


Blockchain-Accelerated Commerce

Here’s how it all works.

Blockchain’s distributed, immutable ledgers & decentralized operation permit the creation of rich, permanent databases of product attributes, inventory levels, transaction histories, and so on, which can serve as the input for real-time, AI-based buyer/seller matching, transaction automation & acceleration, and dynamic price optimization.

And because all data points within each Crowdz marketplace are organically interconnected, one action anywhere instantly propagates everywhere. The result is a fully-automated, fully self-aware blockchain-based transaction platform: Crowdz’s patent-pending Smart Transaction Networks™ (STNs).

The Crowdz Team

The Crowdz executive team offers more than 90 years’ combined senior-level experience in supply-chain management and operations, B2B & B2C ecommerce and ecommerce marketplaces, Internet-based transactions, and blockchain.