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Michael Amodei

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Crowdz Funds $75M Receivables for Small Businesses

How our team is helping small businesses accelerate their cash flow. Crowdz is happy to announce we have officially hit the $75 million mark in funded receivables! This major milestone demonstrates our commitment and dedication to helping small and medium…

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Invoice Financing for Staffing Agencies

Staffing companies often need to wait a month or more to receive payments from clients. If you don’t have sufficient cash flow, you may find it challenging to scale. Besides, it may be tough to handle many clients due to…

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6 Financial KPIs to Track for a Small Business

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a critical aspect of any business. These help you determine  your company’s performance based on preset goals. You can then assess the effectiveness of your current strategies and reevaluate whether you should change them. While…

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Team Spotlight: Gemma Thornley, ESG Sustainable Finance Intern

Our new teammate shares how her experience in sustainability will enable her to create a greater impact helping SMBs.   What are some highlights from your professional background?  I’m actually still a student! However, during my studies I have worked…

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Team Spotlight: Nate Hartley, CFO

Our CFO shares some of his unique experiences, and what led him to Crowdz.   What are some highlights from your professional background? Why was Crowdz a match for you? Why were you interested in working with Crowdz?  I have…