Hello Team Crowdz

This month we took some time out to welcome our new team members and collaborate at a company-wide offsite. We recently expanded from 4 to 12 full-time employees and thought it was a good time to do some strategic planning and team-building. So, we invited the group up to Silicon Valley the week of Aug 20th.

At Crowdz, we believe there’s strength in numbers. We are building a platform where SMEs can work together to get to achieve the best terms possible. Working together is a core company value one that also applies to our internal teams. As a group with different backgrounds and disciplines, we were able to bring varied perspectives and ideas on topics such as the product roadmap, company culture and go-to-market strategy. We all found the time really valuable in setting goals as we move towards the launch of our product.

It was really a pleasure to meet your team. The energy from a newly formed team of creatives/technical/strategic folks is refreshing … and the fact that you’ve taken the time and money to invest in team-building and setting goals together is going to pay out in the end. I look forward to seeing you all grow and prosper.
Cindi Basenspiler – Leader, Coach, Author

Offsite Team building

It wasn’t all work, we managed to have some fun along the way.


Okay. We had a lot of fun. One more video for the road.

Next newsletter, we will be introducing our team. In the mean-time, if you know someone who would be a fit for our open positions, drop us a line.