Invest into Main Street

Reclaim & expand economic opportunities for small businesses by accelerating their cash flow. Small business owners post their invoices on Crowdz Receivables Marketplace, you place a bid, fund them in a timely manner, and they pay you back when their buyer pays them.

It's a win, win. You get an attractive return and product flow while providing sustainable financing for small businesses.


What’s in it for you

The better the score, the better the chances for the seller to get a lower discount rate.

Safe & Secure

Your data is encrypted on our ethereum based technology.

Low Risk

Includes invoice insurance wrapper to protect investments. Rely on the SuRF score to make intelligent decisions.


All invoice transactions run through the system to provide a digital financial record. Our funder portal offers a robust data and analytics platform for reporting.

Expand Origination

Expand your origination platform with a steady stream of product that yields an attractive return.


Triple bottom line

Investing into the Crowdz Receivables Marketplace helps the families and communities around the world that depend on small businesses. Small businesses have been underserved by mainstream finance which is amplified in today’s economy. Your participation will create a sustainable financial engine for them. It’s the foundation for suppliers and merchants to support environmental and ethical supply chains. Crowdz is supporting the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit with this platform.