July Wrap Up - Crowdz

Coming off the close of Series A, the team put their heads down and got right to work preparing for the launch of the Crowdz Invoice Exchange scheduled to release in Beta on July 31st.

Key Press:

Silicon Valley Business The Pitch: Crowdz offers faster money via quicker invoices:

(Lookin’ good team)

The Highlights

  • Officially opened the Crowdz UK office this month!
  • Attended the Barclays Scale-up program with Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Met with the Mastercard team about the future of business payments
  • Sat down with the Federal Reserve Bank to discuss invoice and payment opportunities
  • Working with the Korean government to explore our solutions
  • Sat down with our partners & investors from First Derivatives plc & KxSystems to chat about building building data-analytics technology for Crowdz.
  • Spoke at Rise London, Barclays’ Digital Payments Conference