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Buy, Sell, and Trade Real-World Assets

Crowdz is modernizing the traditional Trade Finance industry and bridging real-world assets with the world of Decentralized Finance by digitizing receivables on-chain.


Avalon Marketplace

Our decentralized marketplace allows businesses to upload their receivables for instant working capital from investors, opening up a new asset class.

Each real-world receivable is turned into an NFTr (NFT receivable), which opens up the asset to investors. This provides a new level of security, flexibility, and efficiency for all those involved. 

Why Avalon Marketplace?


Data-Driven Risk Score

A proprietary, algorithmic credit score that leverages powerful data models to optimize for return on investment and mitigate risk.

Alternate Investment Opportunities

Tap into 8-15%* APY from a diversified book of small and medium businesses.

Reliable & Secure

Utilizing Polygon, an Ethereum Sidechain, Avalon securely records transactions on-chain, creating a more transparent and safe ecosystem.

Settlement & Automation

Leveraging the power of Blockchain, marketplace participants can enjoy the benefits of instant settlement, automation, and transparency.

*This rate is an indication of what may be expected to be returned from a portfolio, but may vary according to the actual payment performance of the underlying receivables that are purchased.

How It Works

Avalon Marketplace brings together SMEs & investors on a blockchain-based receivables platform.


Your Brand.

Our Technology.

Leverage Crowdz core technology and its proprietary risk-scoring methodology to accelerate and streamline receivables funding.

Hear From Companies We Work With

“The initiative is about the opportunity that we create and ultimately the ripple effect that it has for these entrepreneurs, their families, and their communities”

“While we have been extremely impressed with Crowdz's traction in the traditional invoice receivables financing space, we are particularly excited about the burgeoning asset class of SaaS receivables.”

“MDOT applauds the creators of this new Capital & Cash Flow Program, which we believe will enable more minority owned businesses to enter the public sector infrastructure market and grow their businesses.”

Hear From Our Customers

Avalon Marketplace is a finance platform helping growing businesses trade receivables for immediate working capital.

HubSpot Video

Crowdz Technology


Avalon Marketplace

Decentralized marketplace with automated KYC/KYB, onboarding, and more.


SuRF Score

Proprietary risk scoring to drive optimized yield.



APIs to automate and accelerate data sharing. 


The first iteration of Avalon has been released on Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain that is scalable and ESG-friendly. We're continuously improving our marketplace and have plans to offer multi-chain capability, as well as enhanced functionality for both Sellers and Funders.

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