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Transforming Invoice Finance with Future-Ready Solutions

Discover the industry’s most advanced, fully automated invoice-finance platform, instantly customizable to meet the funding style, receivables requirements, and desired return for banks and financial institutions.



Auto Risk Rated


Invoices Analyzed


Funded and Growing


Companies Risk Scored


White-Label Invoice Finance

White-label versions of the Crowdz platform can be customized with your branding, colors, imagery, and messaging while still presenting clients with the core functionality and richness of the overall Crowdz platform.

Leverage our real-time analytics on seller, obligor, and asset data, expertly tailored to meet the complex demands of your bank or financial institution.

Why Crowdz?


Real-Time Risk Score

A proprietary, algorithmic credit score that leverages powerful data models in real-time to optimize for return on investment and mitigate risk.

Streamline Onboarding

Seamless digital processes from prospect to enrollment, ensuring efficient, paperless communication and compliance.

Reliable & Secure

Securely record and monitor transactions with data pulled from connected accounting systems, offering a more transparent view of the receivables.

Settlement & Automation

Leveraging the power of technology, our bank partners can enjoy the benefits of instant settlement, automation, and transparency.

How It Works

Crowdz's invoice finance platform offers banks and financial institutions complete transparency, enabling them to selectively purchase qualified receivables that align with their investment criteria and risk management strategies. Our proprietary risk scoring tool, SURF Score , automatically analyzes over 20+ data points and risk score the sellers, obligors, and invoices at the asset level. With each new transaction data it ingests, it evolves and provide real-time insight that can not be found anywhere in the industry.

Hear From Companies We Work With

“The initiative is about the opportunity that we create and ultimately the ripple effect that it has for these entrepreneurs, their families, and their communities”

“While we have been extremely impressed with Crowdz's traction in the traditional invoice receivables financing space, we are particularly excited about the burgeoning asset class of SaaS receivables.”

Crowdz Technology



Modular Platform Design

Array of fully integrated modules customizable for scalability 


SURF Score

Proprietary risk scoring to drive optimized yield.



APIs to automate and accelerate data sharing. 

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