Quester is an award-winning strategy and insights firm that harnesses the power of human conversation captured through artificial intelligence, research expertise and strategy development to yield superior business impact and growth for your business. We specialize in the full life cycle of product introduction, growth, maturity, and decline with a focus on new product research and development, understanding the customer experience, unlocking nuances of retailer and product selection, and identifying drivers of product and category decline. Quester has been recognized with multiple industry awards including EXPLOR Awards from the The Marketing Research Event and Ogilvy Awards from The Advertising Research Foundation.

Did Quester face any business challenges in 2020 and 2021 (especially due to COVID)? What was the impact?

Like many companies at the start of the pandemic we quickly shut down our offices and our employees began working full-time at home.  We were fortunate to already have a flexible in-office policy in place and our security and infrastructure was set-up so there was minimal impact.  Having said that, identifying insights and developing strategy is a deeply collaborative approach among our employees.  Our team had to quickly adapt to collaboration through full digital communication while maintaining the fast timelines and high expectation of quality.  This was a short term challenge, but we were thankful our team rose to the occasion quickly and efficiently.

Had you ever used invoice financing platforms like Crowdz before this program?


How will the Facebook Receivables program benefit Quester? How many invoices are you hoping to finance and to what amount?

The Facebook Receivables program has enabled us to invest in our innovation pipeline at a faster pace.  This will help us bring new products and services to the market which we will leverage to continue answering our client’s most important business questions in creative an innovative ways.


About Crowdz Experience, the Receivables Platform

We have been extremely impressed at the ease-of-use of the Crowdz platform combined with high quality customer service.  These two things combined made the onboarding process seamless and we look highly recommend Crowdz.

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