Rebel Travel Corporation

Rebel Travel Corporation is a global integrated marketing and technology company providing breakthrough solutions for clients, including hotels, restaurants, startups, technology companies, agencies, and major brands across the globe.

Location: Miami Beach, FL

The challenge

“On the hotel side of things, the industry is still very much stuck in the legacy payment process of cutting checks on a net 30 payment window. Some of the larger chains can take up to 90 days to process payments.”

“The onset of COVID further exacerbated that situation. So while we had a short-term cashflow challenge due to the pandemic, we were also looking for a long-term solution.”

The solution

“Crowdz helps solve the problem by providing faster access to our funds through its secure blockchain-based invoice funding platform. It will be our default solution going forward to fill the gaps for our slower paying clients.”

“Crowdz is stepping into a significant opportunity not just for my business but for thousands if not millions of small to medium-sized businesses like mine.”

The outcome

“I’m a Crowdz fan and happily recommend them to anyone in need of a strategic funding partner.”



June 19, 2020

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