Testimonial - September 21, 2020
Terraneo Mykene Hellas

Terraneo is a unique, family-owned company, that exports its terra cotta products to the world.

What is the company’s focus in 2020? How has the current global situation changed that for Terraneo and how are you adapting?

In 2020, our focus has been in minimizing the damage in our company because of COVID; Despite this negative global event, we were able to keep all our clients and secure enough production to satisfy the bigger demand. Because of the COVID-lockdowns, many consumers spent much more time than usual in their homes and gardens, this created for us a great opportunity for more business and we had to find financial solutions to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

How were you introduced to Crowdz and why did you see value in the product?

Through one of our financial advisors we were introduced to Crowdz exactly at the moment that we needed a comprehensive working capital solution to take advantage of the created opportunity and overcome the depressive situation because of COVID. We immediately recognized the advantages of the Crowdz facility and pursued accordingly. Crowdz’s services and support were immediate and adequate, which resulted in a beneficial cooperation.

Have you financed any invoices? What was your experience like?

In August, we were able to finalize with Crowdz financing facility for 65 invoices, while for September we are in the process to finance another 171 invoices. Our experience was that Crowdz responded immediately and the cooperation with them is totally professional and effective.

How will Crowdz benefit Terraneo?

Of course we are at the very beginning of our collaboration but we think, from our experience with Crowdz until now, that we will be able to have a solid financial solution for our order and purchase execution, which will allow us to pursuit more sales and revenue growth.

How can Crowdz support other small businesses who are suffering with COVID both in Europe and internationally?

Small businesses in Europe and internationally can definitely take advantage of this adequate new financing service, which is a perfect solution especially in the COVID-period, where traditional financing methods and institutions are lacking of effective support and financing tools for their clients. The only obstacle which we can see at the moment is that many small – and middle – sized businesses in Europe and internationally are not aware yet of the existence of Crowdz and what Crowdz can do for them.

Would you recommend Crowdz to other local businesses in Greece?

We will be very happy to introduce Crowdz and its services to many other businesses in Greece and especially through our accountants and financial advisors, because we think that especially in Greece there is a great need for Crowdz’s services.

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