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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why am I using Plaid to connect to my USA bank account?

    Connecting your bank account via Plaid ensures that funds get disbursed to you efficiently and securely to the correct bank account. This extra step also allows us to check your eligibility to use Crowdz’s services. If you utilize accounting software, you may already be familiar with Plaid.

    I'm a USA member. Is Plaid secured and trusted?

    Yes. Plaid is safe, reliable, and designed for businesses that want seamless, secure financial access. All information in Plaid is encrypted, and Crowdz never has access to your login credentials. Some popular financial apps that use Plaid include Venmo and Stripe.

    How does Plaid work?

    Plaid will make two micro-deposits (1-2 cents) that will be posted in your bank account within one business day. Once you see the two deposits, you simply verify the amounts on the Crowdz Global Receivables Marketplace platform as we will direct you. Afterward, Plaid will withdraw the two micro-deposits from your bank account and it’s complete.

    Why do I have to connect my bank account? (Video)

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    Why do I have to connect my accounting system? (Video)

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    What if I'm having trouble connecting my USA bank accounts with Plaid?

    For those cases where a typical Plaid connection may not work, Plaid provides a same-day micro-deposit or penny test, which is a standard practice with financial institutions.

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