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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if the system is not pulling over all the invoices?

    It is possible that an invoice may not be processed due to an incorrect format.  To ensure that invoices are properly pulled into our system, you’ll need to confirm the following details are within the receivable: Name, Country, City, and State. 

    These details must be present within the receivables in order for our system to process the invoice.

    What if the system doesn’t pull invoices?

    For invoices to be pulled, you must input correct information below within your accounting system: Name, Country, City, State.

    The invoice must not be past due and term dates have to be at least 15 days out, and for a term of 30,60, or 90 days.

    What if a technical error pops up saying I need to reach out to Customer Service when I try to connect my accounting system?

    It is possible your accounting system credentials were input incorrectly. However, if you can confirm the credentials are correct and continue to experience this issue, please reach out to Customer Service by email support@crowdz.io or by phone +1 (615) 488-4847.

    My invoice is ineligible because I need to verify the buyer address, how do I resolve this?

    To verify a Buyer (customer), simply navigate to the contact from your dashboard. Inside the contact information, adjust details to match dnb.com. Once you confirm the details, if you’re still unable to verify the Buyer(s) please reach out to Customer Service at support@crowdz.io for further assistance.

    Why does the platform not accept USD invoices and only GBP invoices?

    Wherever a company is located, the currency will be used in the account. The system automatically converts it.

    My invoices have been under manual review for 2 weeks, what's taking so long? How can I expedite this?

    Manual review can be delayed normally if your Buyer(s) verification for a SuRF Score was not populated or is a low score of 65 or lower. If you find that these two options to be an error, please contact Customer Support at support@crowdz.io. 

    I need help correcting the buyer address?

    You must provide the exact Buyer(s) address and other details so we can match and verify in the system. Once the buyers are verified, then you will be able to upload the two invoices.

    Still have a question?

    Feel free to contact us by email at  or log in to use live chat now.