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Accounting Connectivity

Business credit ratings and other risk metrics are often based on self-reported company data or banking receipts and balances that cannot easily be disaggregated. These datapoints provide only a limited view into a company’s true repayment reliability, timing, and risk.

Crowdz takes a different approach by gaining access and using data from the accounting system to be incorporated into our risk metrics.

Accounting Connectivity

Transaction-Level Insight

Crowdz provides direct linkage into the invoice-seller's accounting system, giving Crowdz persistent visibility into the actual transaction history, including transaction amounts, payment or repayment reliability, and payment timing — transaction-level details that are available nowhere else.


Daily Data Sync and Seamless Reconciliation

The accounting-system data is pulled on a daily basis, providing the most up-to-date insight into a company’s financial condition.

The accounting-system connection also enhances the ability to reconcile a company’s receipts with purchased invoices.

Payments made to the seller for purchased invoices (or asset-backed loans) can be transformed on a timely basis into invoice-funding repayments.


Real-Time Risk Analysis Through Seamless Accounting Connectivity

Access real-time accounting data with Crowdz for precise risk analysis and seamless repayment reconciliation—upgrade your invoice finance program now.