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Introducing Avalon Marketplace

Avalon Marketplace gives small businesses more financial flexibility by allowing them to sell receivables on a new, revolutionary blockchain-based platform.


Buy, Sell, and Trade NFT Receivables

This technology increases security and efficiency while solving cash flow problems for business owners and providing returns for invoice purchasers.

Decentralized Finance

Bridging the gap between the receivables and decentralized finance (DeFi) industries, Avalon Marketplace uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to take full advantage of blockchain benefits. Each real-world receivable is turned into an NFT receivables (NFTr), which opens up the asset to investors from all walks of life. This provides a new level of security, flexibility, and efficiency for all those involved.


Increase Liquidity

Access new pool of liquidity and investor types

Syndication – Securitization

Fragmentation of receivables and keeping track of ledger is digitized and simplified


Secondary Trade

Simplify and streamline secondary trade as well as extend reach of Crowdz to other marketplace


Streamline all processes leading to reduced costs and increased speed of execution


Allow different systems to communicate and operate


Create the right incentive system for a safer ecosystem

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Crowdz Token

Crowdz Token (ERC-20)

A native ecosystem ERC-20 DAO token called Crowdz Token ($CRZ) is designed to promote growth, reward active contributors, and drive protocol governance. 


Through on-chain voting, users can make decisions to upgrade the chain, vote to add new functionality, or amend the fee structure.



Sellers can stake Crowdz Token as collateral and access better borrowing rates by reducing their risk exposure.


Reward Purchasers and Sellers for good behavior. 


Buyers can confirm Proof of Delivery (PoD), by providing information via an Oracle, and for doing so, will receive rewards (tokens).


As the world continues to embrace the tokenization of assets and the use of distributed financial systems, we envisage an environment that’s conducive to further iterations of Avalon. The first iteration of Avalon will be released in 2022, commencing our feature roadmap as follows.

Avalon Market

Buy, Sell, and Trade Real-World Assets on Avalon Marketplace