We’re Building a Finance Solution That Helps Businesses Thrive

Crowdz is a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We are building a business capital platform that offers SMEs alternative financing solutions so they can accelerate their cash flow.

Career Crowdz


👩‍💻 Remote-First Philosophy

We have offices around the world, and pride ourselves on maintaining a creative and collaborative work environment.

🎨 Tools to Succeed

We’re dedicated to making sure our employees receive any hardware or software that they need to succeed in their roles.

🏝️ Unlimited PTO

You tell us when you’re taking time off and we’ll make it happen. We’re flexible like that. 

🏥 Strong Benefits

We want to make sure our team is taken care of. That’s why we offer paid medical, vision, dental, life & long-term disability insurance for the employee. 

📈 Competitive Salary & Equity

With competitive salaries, a 401k plan, and pre-IPO stock options, you benefit from our success.

🏉 Team Building

We feel that bringing our team together offline creates a stronger bond because a strong team is a more cohesive unit.

🌏 Diversity

We emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion, and come from a multitude of diverse backgrounds.

🤖 Technology

We are a carving out a new market in the Web3 space utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology in the fintech industry.