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Comprehensive Client Portal

Access a comprehensive client portal for real-time analytics, detailed seller and obligor data, transaction activity, and customizable parameters—all designed for the sophisticated needs of banks and financial entities and their customers.

Portal to Real-Time Analytics and Control

  • A data-rich, easy-to-use dashboard with real-time, in-depth analytics on purchases, repayments, exposure, profitability, concentration, aging, and other factors, both overall and broken down by a number of factors

  • Detailed information on each invoice seller, obligor, and invoice present on the platform

  • Sortable data for all current purchase and repayment activity on the platform

  • Historical data for all completed purchase and repayment activity on the platform

  • A “parameters” section to allow for easy and immediate modification of all financial-entity purchase parameters

  • A separate invoice seller portal would be available for each of the banks' customers.



Enhance Your Financial Oversight with the Ultimate Client Portal

Unlock the full potential of your invoice finance management program with the Crowdz client portal – the comprehensive portal designed for the needs of banks and financial institutions. Experience seamless control and oversight today.