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Introducing Crowdz Marketplace

Crowdz Marketplace gives small businesses more financial flexibility by allowing them to sell receivables on a new, revolutionary data-driven platform.


Automatic and Transparent Pricing

This technology increases security and efficiency while solving cash flow problems for business owners and providing predictable returns for invoice purchasers.

Auto Risk Rate Assets

Bridging the gap between traditional and modern methods of receivables evaluation, Crowdz Marketplace uses proprietary technology to extract and evaluate over 20 data points to quickly assess receivable risk.

Each real-world receivable is given a SuRF score, which allows investors to match the asset to their investment strategy. This provides a new level of security, flexibility, and efficiency for all those involved.


Increase Liquidity

Access new pool of liquidity and investor types

Security and Transparency

Fragmentation of receivables is digitized and simplified


Growing Ecosystem

Opportunity to connect to other marketplaces within the Crowdz ecosystem


Streamline all processes leading to reduced costs and increased speed of execution


Allow different systems to communicate and operate

Fair Pricing

Data driven platform allow for sellers and funders to find alignment on offers

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As the world continues to embrace the tokenization of assets and the use of distributed financial systems, we envisage an environment that’s conducive to further iterations of Crowdz Marketplace.

Read about what we believe the future holds for our marketplace. 

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