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Invest in a New Asset Class. Backed by Small Businesses.

Our platform offers diversification, attractive yields, and proprietary risk-scoring technology to help you make smart investment decisions.

Social Impact Crowdz

Define Your Risk Tolerance

Our SuRF Score helps investors to make informed risk decisions by providing insights into a company’s business health, credit performance, financial strength, payment performance, and sustainability practices.
What's In It For You

A More Sustainable Way to Diversify Your Portfolio



Stable Returns

Invest with attractive risks of 8%–15%* backed by small business receivables.

Low Risk

Receivable repayment insurance on our platform helps protect your funds.

Expand Origination

Expand your origination platform with a steady stream of products that yield an attractive return.



Granular Control

Choose to fund receivables based on credit performance, industries, and geographies, and ESG metrics.

Auditable Transactions

Access digital financial records for all receivable transactions and robust data and analytics reporting through the Funder Portal.


Fraud Prevention

Robust KYC, AML, and PEP checks during onboarding and registration. Integration with 20+ data sources (e.g., credit bureaus, company registrations, KYC providers).


*This rate is an indication of what may be expected to be returned from a portfolio, but may vary according to the actual payment performance of the underlying receivables that are purchased.

Funding Receivables Crowdz

Access New Markets

Invest in an asset class and backed by small business receivables. Filter which receivables you fund based on industry, location, carbon footprint, and other ESG metrics.

Crowdz Asset Types

Our platform offers finance solutions that allows businesses to scale for new opportunities.


Start selling invoices and accelerating your cash flow with immediate working capital.


Extend your runway by converting your subscribers’ future payments into cash today.


*Purchase Orders Coming Soon

Our Key Partners

With small businesses at the heart of everything we do, we realize many are counting on us. We’ve set the bar high for our business and impact goals, and remain accountable to our investment community.


Invest in a new asset class