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Invoice Finance and Factoring

Ingest invoices from thousands of individual receivables sellers into Crowdz, where you can:

  • Automatically filter and price receivables according to customizable parameters

  • Make ongoing, return-optimized offers up to your specified funding limits

  • Instantly send funding and receive repayments with zero administrative overhead

  • Monitor and modify portfolio performance in real-time via sophisticated return metrics

Crowdz dramatically reduces deployment and operating costs, enabling you to accelerate financing throughput while maximizing your net per-receivable profit.

Great Partnerships for a Greater Future

Together with our banking and financial institutional clients, we’re reaching new levels of success and growth. Here’s what they have to say about the experience.

Only a small fraction of the $170BN in yearly SaaS revenues are currently represented in financial products, indicating a massive opportunity for expansion. Through accretive synergies between Crowdz’s innovative technological solutions and Citi, the leading global bank, we see the potential to meaningfully develop SaaS receivables as an asset class.

Maximize Efficiency and Profit for Invoice Finance and Factoring

Streamline your invoice finance program with Crowdz. Ingest invoices, price them with precision, and boost your profits with our intelligent and automated platform. Launch your journey towards unparalleled invoice financing efficiency today.