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Automated and Real-time Risk Scoring in Invoice Finance 

Crowdz offers banks and other financial entities the industry’s most robust repayment risk score: the Crowdz SURF Score.

Precision in Invoice Assessment

The conventional credit ratings and credit reports that are the industry standard in risk-rating invoice sellers are general indicators of a given company’s creditworthiness. But they are just that: general indicators, not a precise measure.

The Crowdz SURF Score, by contrast, has a very precise, quantitative meaning. The SURF Score (on a 1 - 100 scale) is the probability that an invoice seller will meet all of its repayment obligations within a bank- or entity-defined period of days.


Instant Underwriting, Annual Time Savings

Based on a rich cadre of internal and external data sources and analytics, the SURF Score is fully automated, reducing days or weeks of underwriting work to mere seconds, thereby saving banks and other financial entities hundreds or even thousands of manual underwriting hours each year.


Real-Time Insight, Proven Repayment Predictions

In addition, unlike conventional business credit scores, SURF Scores are updated in real-time, giving financial entities unprecedented, up-to-the-minute visibility into a company’s payment or repayment reliability & timing. Perhaps most importantly, through more than $90 million in funding activity, the SURF Score has been shown to be highly correlated with actual repayment reliability and timing.

Repayment Reliability

Forecast Risk Before It Happens

By consistently analyzing transaction data, the SURF Score serves as a valuable tool for identifying potential bottlenecks in the supply chain or for addressing cash flow challenges faced by companies. This ongoing data integration allows for real-time insights and proactive management of operational hurdles, ensuring smoother business operations and financial stability for all stakeholders.

Enhance Your Invoice Finance Program Now

Our Crowdz SURF Score is a robust, efficient, and cost-effective solution for every size institution. It can be used as a standalone risk-rating tool or as a complement to the financial entity’s existing risk-assessment suite.