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Finally, a Finance Solution for Growing Businesses

Our marketplace allows you to receive immediate working capital for the work you've already done.

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Introducing Crowdz Marketplace

Crowdz gives small businesses more financial flexibility by allowing them to sell receivables on a new revolutionary data-driven platform. Using this technology increases security and efficiency while solving cash flow problems for business owners and providing returns for invoice purchasers.

A Better Way to Get Paid

We're leveling the playing field by providing access to affordable capital through your accounts receivables the same way the largest corporations do.

Instant Funds

Every day that a receivable goes unpaid is a missed opportunity. Instead, leverage them as new sources of immediate cash.

Improve Cash Flow

Stable and predictable funds allow you to forecast finances, manage expenses, and scale more effectively.

Pre-Vetted Funders

We check out every funder in our network to save you time and ensure you’re getting the best rate.

Upfront Fees

Simple receivable selling means zero surprises, full-cost transparency, and no hidden contracts.

Strategic Growth

An influx of cash can make it easier to take on new customers and improve your bottom line.

Always Confidential

Your business is your business. So, we won’t notify your customers of receivables sold on Crowdz.

Complete Control

Choose to sell small or large receivables, one receivable, or your entire book. You call the shots.

Save Time

Free up administrative hours to focus on what counts instead of getting caught up in collection efforts.

Selling Invoices

Kickstart your cash flow with money you’ve already earned and avoid losing out on growth opportunities with a finance solution that seamlessly integrates with your accounting system.

SaaS Contracts

As a startup, extend your runway by converting your subscribers’ future payments into cash you can use right away.


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Compatible with your Accounting System

Do More With Crowdz Marketplace

To further improve productivity, we’ve made it easy to integrate your accounting software directly with our marketplace. The result: more time, fewer errors, and a streamlined financial process for your company.

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Get Paid and Keep Growing

Speed up your payday so you can get down to business and put an end to chasing receivables.