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SuRF Score Crowdz

SuRF Score

Crowdz SuRF Score is a proprietary risk metric that measures payment reliability for funded receivables.  It gives unprecedented insights into companies’ repayment reliability, timing, and expected annualized returns for Funders.


Real-Time Risk Rating

Our real-time risk score takes into account external business credit ratings, payment timing, and repayment reliability to give you the most accurate estimate of a Seller's likelihood of paying in full and on time. With SuRF Score, you can make informed investment decisions and protect your bottom line.


Repayment Probability and Timing Projections

Our advanced algorithms give you the power to predict repayment probability and timing with precision. Crowdz uses extensive data analysis and machine learning, providing you with the most accurate payment predictions available. This helps you stay ahead of the game, giving you the edge you need to make smart funding decisions.

Improving Payment Reliability

Analyze a wide range of data to determine the likelihood of timely repayment, giving you advanced insight to make informed decisions about which customers to do business with. Improve your bottom line and reduce financial risk by utilizing SuRF Score to ensure payment reliability.

3-improve payment reliability

Elevate Your Funding Decisions

Unlock the power of the SuRF Score and learn how it can provide unprecedented financial insights, allowing you to make intelligent funding decisions.