We're Building a Business Finance Solution That Helps Businesses Thrive

Crowdz is a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We are building a business capital platform that offers SMEs alternative financing solutions so they can accelerate their cash flow. 

Executive Team

Payson Johnston

CEO & President


Steven Lee

COO & Co-Founder


Nate Hartley



Kevin Hopkins

Chief Strategy Officer



Clay Dedeaux

Nashville Office Lead


Gabe Ballard

Director of Legal


Andrew Kuyk

Head of Risk


Steffany D'Angelo

Head of People & Culture


Lucas Szymanowski

Head of InfoSec + Vendor Management


Erik Lindgren

Financial Controller



Stacey Kirsch

VP of Marketing


Sarah Wyman

Brand Marketing Manager


Michael Amodei

Senior Content Strategist


Daniel Ing

Channel Marketing Manager


Maria Mitchell

Senior Marketing Coordinator


Business Development

Steve Boderck

VP of Business Development & Sales


James Kouzinas

Director, Business Development & Sales


Bay Odessa

Launch Manager / Client Services Engineer


Tylor Paul

Customer Service Administrator


Toby Warner

Business Development Manager


Bisma Saleem

Business Development Manager


Laura Gamboa

LATAM Account Manager


Tobey Wood

Business Development Manager


Maria Alejandra Quintero

Director of Business Development & Sales


Daniella Aguirre

Customer Success



Tom Underwood

Director of Design, R&D


Cristel Rossignol

UI, Marketing & Branding Design



Don MacArthur

Head of Product


Monika Sebastian

Head of Finance Services, Product


Francyou Desse

User Acceptance Tester


Eric Israel

Quantitative Data Analyst


Brandon Wilhoite

Senior Data Analyst


Jun Han Tan

ESG Data Analyst


Ananya Gupta

Product Manager, Data



Marc Meyer

Senior Director, Blockchain


Nina Gogiya

Blockchain Marketing Specialist


Gemma Thornley

Blockchain Data Analyst



Abdul Kadir

Director of Engineering


Emmanuel Wiche

Head of Platform Technology & Security


Mukhtar Ibrahim

Head of Front End & Mobile Engineering


Kingsley Hendrickse

Senior Software Developer


Kostas Mamalis

Developer Lead


Thierry Merven

Senior Software Developer


Brett Donovan

Head of Data Science Engineering


Ruaidhrí O'Neill

Software Engineer