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Your Brand. Our Technology.

Our white label solution offers diversification, attractive yields, and proprietary risk-scoring data to help financial institutions make smart investments.

How Does It Work?

Hear how our white label solution provides value to financial institutions.

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Built for Enterprises

Get a vetted and robust program that’s easy to put into place. You don’t have to build a thing. Just plug and play.
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Unrivaled transparency, security, and compliance. Utilize our proprietary tech stack solution to:



Generate access to new markets


Initiate product line expansion


Launch embedded payments


Tap into a new asset class


Access risk-scoring data


Optimize process flows

Great Partnerships for a Greater Future

Together with our clients, we’re reaching new levels of success and growth. Here’s what they have to say about the experience.

Crowdz is enabling businesses of all sizes to gain access to cheaper and faster supply chain financing. Crowdz’s unique invoice exchange automates the entire invoice creation through settlement process for businesses while also providing a proprietary auction platform where financing can be obtained at the lowest possible rate.

Only a small fraction of the $170BN in yearly SaaS revenues are currently represented in financial products, indicating a massive opportunity for expansion. Through accretive synergies between Crowdz’s innovative technological solutions and Citi, the leading global bank, we see the potential to meaningfully develop SaaS receivables as an asset class.

Maximize your returns by risk rating assets, automatically.

We analyze the small details to turn them into major wins.



Technology and Expertise

Enter the invoice finance market quicker, without having to develop the technology from scratch. 


Source of Revenue

Fund invoices from your suppliers and make a percentage back on your investment.


Predictive Analytics & Data

Our program comes with proprietary algorithms and real-time data that can be implemented back into your supply chain or value chain.

Become a Partner

Start and grow a receivable finance program that secures your supply chain while helping benefit SMEs on an ongoing basis.