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Your Brand. Our Technology.

Our white label solution offers diversification, attractive yields, and proprietary risk-scoring data to help financial institutions make smart investments.

How Does It Work?

Hear from Steve Boderck, VP of Business Development and Sales, on how our white label solution provides value to financial institutions.

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Built for Enterprises

Get a vetted and robust program that’s easy to put into place. You don’t have to build a thing. Just plug and play.
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Meta Invoice Fast Track Program Crowdz

Unrivaled transparency, security, and compliance. Utilize our proprietary tech stack solution to:



Generate access to new markets


Initiate product line expansion


Launch embedded payments


Tap into a new asset class


Access risk-scoring data


Optimize process flows

Great Partnerships for a Greater Future

Together with our clients, we’re reaching new levels of success and growth. Here’s what they have to say about the experience.

“MDOT applauds the creators of this new Capital & Cash Flow Program, which we believe will enable more minority owned businesses to enter the public sector infrastructure market and grow their businesses.”

“We believe the introduction of low-cost capital that doesn’t dilute founders’ equity in their company is vital to building the next generation of successful tech companies.”

It's a Win-Win for Both Businesses

We’re leveling the playing field by turning every small detail into a major win.



Positive Economic Impact

A white label solution has the potential to help businesses do their part in their community.


Source of Revenue

Fund invoices from your suppliers and make a percentage back on your investment.


Supply Chain Preservation

Keep your supply chain intact and in a position to grow with an embedded  finance program that benefits SMBs.

Become a Partner

Keep your supply chain intact and in a position to grow with a receivable finance program that benefits SMEs on an ongoing basis.