Munch Fit

Munch Fit is a premium high quality fitness food meals delivery service. They produce hundreds of thousands of meals annually, employ a team of over 30 people and operate out of their own bespoke production kitchen in London.

Tell me a bit about MunchFit. When was it founded and what’s its mission? What does the company do and why?
MunchFit delivers chef-prepared fitness food to fuel your success. Our goal-based meal plans are nutritionally designed to suit your training objectives, so you can fast track your results.

From humble beginnings delivering meals to a handful of customers in London, within three months we had our first major customer. After one year, in 2013, four of our founder customers, who loved the product, provided seed capital allowing the company to grow.

MunchFit produces hundreds of thousands of meals annually, employs a team of over 30 people and operates out of its own bespoke production kitchen in London. We stock our Strong, Balanced & Lean retail ranges in London’s premium gyms and select retailers. We offer customized meal plans for home delivery on subscription, boasting a variety of over 180 recipes. We are the food & beverage partner for Equinox UK and feel privileged to operate MunchFit fitness cafés in each location.


How has your work/business changed as a result of COVID-19?
Like many businesses we’ve had our challenges, yet our team have rallied hard to pivot our offering where required. One example of this was launching our new meal plan offering. Our café business in partnership with Equinox has also faced challenges with these sites closed whenever gyms have needed to close, yet we are confident of more stability later this year.


How did you discover Crowdz? What challenges did you have, and how is Crowdz helping you solve the problem?
After experiencing positive results and outstanding support from the Crowdz team, one of our directors recommended it to us. Crowdz has since become a helpful resource for our business, strengthening our relationships with major retailers who can demand long payment terms, which otherwise could have presented obstacles for a growing business like ours. Crowdz allows us to administer these unpaid invoices and quickly receive cash to direct towards the fresh ingredients that go into our dishes.

Do you have any insight into how Crowdz has helped MunchFit?

As a consequence from the above, working with Crowdz has allowed MunchFit to establish and nurture valuable relationships with big players in the retail industry. This reduction of cash barriers has supported a wider expansion of our presence in the UK market and opened new opportunities for business growth.


Anything else to add?
Our customer base are accustomed to eating in high-end restaurants, and so to be a success our offering very much depends on a foundation of quality. Working with Crowdz contributes towards this focus by redistributing our finances to create top quality end products.



Fatima Diez, Head of Marketing at Munch Fit


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