NurseDash is an on-demand healthcare marketplace for facilities that need staffing support and clinicians looking for open shifts to match their schedule and lifestyle.


The challenge

“Our business has increased significantly during this period [of COVID-19] and we were looking for a financing mechanism to fuel our growth without disrupting our direct communication with our clients from the accounts receivable perspective.”

The solution

“Invoice financing is a powerful tool to grow the business, especially for a startup on a hyper-growth trajectory. It is also much cheaper than equity financing.”

“We have found the marketplace approach by Crowdz very similar to our business philosophy. Just like we offer flexibility to our clinicians, Crowdz offers flexibility to us so we choose when and how much to finance our receivable.”  

The outcome

“The process with Crowdz is very straight forward and fast. We have experienced less than one week of turnaround time between posting our invoices for bidding and receiving the funds in our account. The financing cost is also lower than the traditional factoring arrangement. We are looking to use Crowdz to finance more of our receivables.”


June 19, 2020

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