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Ratio Coffee

Ratio designs and manufactures high-quality drip coffee makers for the home.

Did you apply for PPP?

Yes, we did, and we received what we applied for (2 months of payroll and rent expenses).

What was your experience?

We finally found success getting our application submitted by working with a local bank, Columbia Credit Union. The big national bank we’ve been banking with for years was not able to get our application submitted in time.

Did you source alternative finance? If yes, what source did you use and why?

Yes, we started working with Crowdz.io to fund PO’s from larger wholesale accounts. We have been primarily direct to consumer on our own website, but we’ve been finding new retailers that want to order from us. They usually require 60 to 90 day terms, which ties up capital. We were able to finance a PO for nearly $30k in about 2 business days. The process was amazingly quick and painless, and the fees we paid were a lot less than alternate financing options like merchant loans.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? How have alternative sources of financing helped?

COVID-19 has caused a huge surge in demand for our high quality home coffee makers (which is great!) but it has caused supply chain challenges and also a bit of anxiety amongst potential investors. Alternative financing has made it possible to grow without having to continually find individual investors willing to sign up for inventory financing.



Mark Hellweg, Founder & CEO at Ratio Coffee - September 11, 2020

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