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3 Secrets to Propel Your Business Growth Strategy

Every business has unique needs and priorities, but companies who have stood the test of time often have common denominators that have contributed to their success.

Every business has unique needs and priorities, but companies who have stood the test of time often have common denominators that have contributed to their success. As you consider methods to grow your business, it may be worth exploring the way other entrepreneurs have accomplished their growth and progress. No two businesses are exactly alike, but often, the paths to reach success are similar.

For instance, companies that thrive often leverage practical processes in business functions like invoicing. You can then turn to Crowdz to fast-track payments and maintain cash flow so you can focus your energy on research and development, building partnerships, and creating long-term growth strategies. Successful business owners often look to the advice of established companies and team up with others for mutual growth and prosperity.

Consult Mentors and Build Partnerships

One of the best ways to find success in your field of business is to learn from a seasoned professional. When you get advice from an experienced mentor, you have the benefit of learning from their mistakes, lessening the chances of making your own, which can be costly for new entrepreneurs. A great place to find an experienced mentor is through your local Chamber of Commerce. The teamwork and camaraderie of such a group make it well worth joining, as well as how it impacts the community.

Along with meeting other business owners as mentors, connecting with peers for joint ventures and projects can also be mutually beneficial. Working with complementary businesses on giveaways and group discounts can bring in new customers. Hosting joint events can raise awareness of both businesses and invite curious new clients to check out your shop. Online businesses can also use the same sort of idea but in a digital space: Create an open house or live-streaming event on social media with giveaways for those who “attend.” As your business grows, be sure to give back to your community and favorite charities.

Successful Businesses Give Back

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to do good things for your community, and it is important that you honor that social responsibility. Think about a cause that is close to your heart, such as a food bank or a homeless shelter, and create opportunities for customers to get involved. You could establish a time-limited donation-matching event and spread the word in your community and on social media.

You may even consider setting up a friendly competition with another business in your area to see who can get the most donations to a favorite charity. You can also get involved with a pro-community effort like the Reclaim the Future Project. When you are known for your compassion and interest in helping others, it establishes your business as an ally, which is great for your reputation and the community at large. As your business grows its reach, it will need dependable systems behind the scenes to function at its best.

Develop User-Friendly Systems

As a business owner, you have better things to do than spending hours on payroll and billing. For entrepreneurs, smallbiz 101: pay on time is a fundamental tenet. Seasoned business owners know how important it is to stay on top of payroll and keep employees happy. For a small business, a payroll template will suffice. This helps you make accurate calculations, as well as keep track of important schedules. As you scale, a good template can also easily sync up with invoicing, time tracking, and scheduling platforms. Employees will love you for the accuracy and timeliness of their paychecks, and you will love yourself for the hours of time you get back from having user-friendly, integrated systems.

It will also be worthwhile to explore upgrading your tech, particularly if you are using older systems that may be less secure. Experienced business owners often choose to contract with a tech consultant who routinely updates systems, updates the website, and ensures that sensitive information is protected against hackers. Knowing when to hire professionals for services outside of your wheelhouse is an important aspect of business ownership.

By using reliable, time-tested strategies, your business can grow and thrive. Start by having immediate access to your cash flow.

Written by: Gloria Martinez of womenled.org


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