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Giving Back: Saving West African Students With Glow

We’ve teamed up with Glow and Mary’s Meals to protect 272 Liberian elementary students from starvation.

We’ve teamed up with Glow and Mary’s Meals to protect 272 Liberian elementary students from starvation.

At Crowdz, we believe in the power of joining forces. It’s an approach that drives our mission and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. You can even spot it in our logo. So when it came to launching a new philanthropic effort, we searched for ways to fuse both collaboration and community. Enter Glow: A startup combining the power of community, storytelling, and technology. Champions transparent philanthropy, Glow is on a mission to create the world’s largest giving circle aka a network of donors with far-reaching impacts. We’re thrilled to share that Crowdz recently launched a giving circle with Glow, and intends to support a new charity each time with a portion of our revenue.

Kicking off the program with education, Crowdz sponsored the Boluwee School of Academic Excellence in Liberia. The funding will provide much-needed food nutrition to every student for an entire year. Every day, two hundred seventy-two children will receive a healthy meal through our partner Mary’s Meals. For most, this will be the only meal they receive each day. The current hunger crisis affects about sixty-four million children, causing them to struggle in class or skip school entirely. Together with the global feeding program Mary’s Meals, we aim to change this.

And the students are just the start. Whenever possible, meals will feature locally-produced ingredients to support farmers, the community, and the wider economy. Crowdz is also gifting the school’s kitchen facility an inspirational mural to remind students of the future they deserve and our commitment to see them thrive.

Stay tuned as we monitor the student’s progress and announce our next charity initiative soon.

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