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How Crowdz Helped a New York City Business Grow and Expand

In a moment when he was having a difficult time with obtaining funds through traditional financing, Keith Harper discovered Crowdz and his business was never the same.


Keith Harper is the Founder & CEO of Above & Beyond Talent Acquisition in New York City, New York. His company was founded in 2018, and he has grown the business by 1,000% annually through 2022.

Keith has seen an insurmountable amount of success through our platform. He has funded ~2,000,000 USD worth of invoices, and states that Crowdz was there at a moment when his business was in dire need of saving.

"I've definitely told plenty of people about this, but this Crowdz program has literally saved my business. I feel as though they've given us an opportunity to really grow and expand the way every small business wants to. I cannot overstate how much Crowdz has helped me to be able to stay current on all of my fiscal responsibilities to my vendors while waiting for invoices from my clients."

Check out Keith's full story in the video below, or read the full article here.

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