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Meet the Team: Emmanuel, Head of Platform Technology and Security

Whether he's managing Development Operations or monitoring network security, Emmanuel Wiche enjoys building a legacy with our London team.

Meet Emmanuel Wiche, Head of Platform Technology & Security here at Crowdz, who has been leading the Development Operations platform environment since June 2022 in our London office. Emmanuel’s role at Crowdz involves monitoring the platform on which the Crowdz team builds, managing networking security, and leading the development operations team.

Emmanuel has worked for corporations and start-ups previously, but he believes that  the product here at Crowdz is more unique than anything else he’s ever worked on. He feels like he’s participating in building a legacy, not just going to work every day.

When Emmanuel isn’t making progress on revolutionary work here at Crowdz, you can catch him running in marathons that he didn’t actually sign up for. He brings the same dedication and focus to his role at Crowdz as he does to his personal pursuits.

Emmanuel’s experience and expertise in platform technology and security are critical to Crowdz’s success, and his passion for this work is infectious. He is a key member of the team, and we are lucky to have him leading our platform technology and security.

To hear his full story, check out the video below 👇


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