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Team Spotlight: Anvit Rao, Intern

Meet the University of Pennsylvania sophomore who scored a spot on our tokenization project and one of the coolest shots in tennis.

Meet the University of Pennsylvania sophomore who scored a spot on our tokenization project and one of the coolest shots in tennis.


Where is your hometown?

I’ve lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for nearly my whole life.

Tell us about where and what you’re currently studying.

I am a rising Sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania in the School of Arts and Sciences. I am currently pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Economics with an Econometrics concentration, Computer Science, and a minor in Data Science.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love to play tennis and played in a 4.5 USTA League this summer. Besides tennis, although I’m no good at shooting, I spend a lot of time playing basketball with my hometown friends. When I’m too tired to play sports, I enjoy watching sports movies/TV shows (like the new series Ted Lasso) and am a huge Detroit Lions fan. Since I was a kid, I’ve also loved playing chess with friends and have spent much time learning new songs on the cello or piano.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I can hit a tweener—a backward, between-the-legs shot—in tennis.

How did you manage to get an internship at Crowdz?

After expressing interest in the fintech space, my mom, one of the VC investors for Crowdz, connected me with Payson. From there, I talked with other team members, and we found a role that would be a good fit.

Why were you interested in interning with Crowdz?

The first thing that drew me to Crowdz was my curiosity about the fintech space. As a college freshman, I had never had any professional exposure and wanted to learn more about this growing industry. So when the tokenization project became an option for me to work on, I got really excited about working in such a new space.

What did you do as an intern?

The main project that I’ve been working on for Crowdz is the launch of a blockchain-based token solution for the invoice financing platform. I was involved with brainstorming structures, researching various blockchain topics, working with the marketing team, and managing work progress.

More recently, I have begun working with the product team to improve the development process by introducing a new product management tool.

What’s your favorite aspect of your experience at Crowdz?

I love the team structure at Crowdz. Even as an intern, it enabled me to engage in discussions and contribute ideas. It was also really cool to be involved in creating a blockchain platform like no other before.

What will you take from your internship as you pursue future endeavors?

Besides a newly found passion for the blockchain and decentralized finance space, my biggest takeaway from working at Crowdz is the importance of reaching out and taking the initiative. The best conversations or results happened when I asked more questions and engaged with the team members.

What are you up to now, and what are your plans for after graduation?

I’ll be continuing at Crowdz into the school year on a part-time basis and would really like to be part of the tokenization launch. As I head back to school soon, I am excited for my first in-person year of college! Post-graduation is still a while away from me, but I am leaning towards a role that involves some Computer Science.

Do you have any advice for future interns?

I was initially surprised by the sheer amount of work going on around the company as a whole. I think it’s easy to feel lost, but as Steven Lee helped me develop a scope for my involvement and I took on more specific tasks, work became much more manageable. I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions both about content and how you can help the team. Defining your role early on is also essential.

Anyone at Crowdz that you would like to shout out?

There are actually three people I’d like to shout out:

  1. First up is Marc Meyer. He was my main manager for the tokenization project, and I appreciated the sense of inclusion and trust that I got from him.
  2. Next is Kyle Blanchard. Towards the later parts of the summer, Kyle helped me get involved with the product team, was very encouraging, and introduced me to a brand new area.
  3. Finally, Tomasz Czernuszneko. Of the Crowdz members, we were closest in age. I greatly enjoyed our weekly brainstorming sessions and loved how open we could be with each other.

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