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Where To Find Extra Capital For Reopening

Crowdz is here to help make restarting and rebuilding your business easier with invoice financing

Crowdz is here to help make restarting and rebuilding your business easier with invoice financing

There are a lot of unknowns facing businesses right now. But one thing is certain—Crowdz is here for you. To ensure your cash flow is in the best shape to tackle the reopening phase, we’re taking a close look at invoice financing and why it’s worth implementing. Here’s how selling your receivables can positively impact your operations, employees, and bottom line.

You avoid sacrificing time on loan applications and clients 

Getting back on your feet is hard enough without waiting for cash to flow. But between bank loan applications and establishing lines of credit, the process can get lengthy. Then there’s slow-paying clients, and the time-sucking chase for what’s due. Enter invoice financing. This quick route to cash entails auctioning receivables to multiple funders looking to offer an immediate advance. Getting your money on the books usually happens within hours, so you can hit the ground running with cash in hand. Crowdz’s unique marketplace will even hook you up with multiple bids. The advantage? You’re en route to the best rate in minutes.


You can kick-start supply chains, rehiring—and anything else you need

Leveraging unpaid invoices makes it possible to address your short-term financing needs. How? Unlocking working capital optimizes cash flow. And unlike a traditional bank loan, there are no limits as to how you can spend the money advance. Use the resources towards staff, vendors fees, and the costs of implementing safety measures—it’s your call. This flexibility, coupled with access to a steady flow of cash, positions you to ask how you’ll tackle challenges as they come, instead of if.


Reduce the costly risks of debt and late payments 

Selling invoices involves obtaining money that’s already owed to you, making it a form of debt-free financing. Tapping into existing assets prevents you from adding to liabilities on your balance sheet, worsening your credit rating, and hindering future funding efforts. Got existing debt payments to make? Invoice financing works as a back-pocket option for when your cash flow falls short ahead of deadlines.


Adapt your invoice financing strategy in real time with Crowdz

Much like sheltering at home, reopening presents its own set of uncertainties. How will consumers behave? When will we return to normal? Will we ever? While many financing platforms require you to sell your entire receivables ledger, Crowdz’s auction marketplace leaves it entirely up to you. Choose to sell one invoice or all of them. Auction them off individually or at once. It’s an approach that puts you in control of your cash flow, not us. After all, it’s your business and you’re money. Our job is to help you make the most of it.

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