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$10 Million Small Business Receivables Funded With Crowdz

It's a big win for SMBs in need of immediate cash and the families and communities that depend on them most.

It’s a big win for SMBs in need of immediate cash and the families and communities that depend on them most.

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about small and medium businesses. As the backbone of local and global economies, they build communities and keep them moving forward. So we’re thrilled to share that Crowdz has helped small businesses add 10 million dollars to their books! It’s a large amount of cash that was, up until this point, trapped in late, unpaid invoices. With those resources now available, SMBs can take the hard-earned steps to accelerate their economic recovery, establish a financial buffer, invest in future growth, and so much more. Here are just a few exciting ways the new cash flow boost is a win for small businesses.


Beating The Slog Of Collecting Payment

Chasing clients is an all-too-familiar frustration among small and medium business owners. However, by choosing to auction off their outstanding invoices on our marketplace, SMBs replaced all those friendly reminders, phone calls, and follow-up emails with what they really wanted: Cash*.* Consequently, this freed up valuable hours and energy previously lost to tracking down payments to other growth areas.


Better Flexibility During Crisis Mode

Today’s business climate is complex and dynamic. When it comes to navigating the challenges that come with operating on a tight budget and limited resources, a stable, more predictable cash flow is crucial. Our latest milestone makes it possible for SMBs to shift gears quickly, deliver a quick turnover when needed, and remain agile when faced with a roadblock.


Unlocking Doors To New Growth

More money means more business owners can identify and fund opportunities they would otherwise pass up. Investing in systems, for example, could work to automate processes needed to handle multi-layered demands of growth. Additionally, a broader budget means these companies can afford new contracts, team hires, and equipment purchases that align with their expansion goals.


Rent, Electricity, And Other Bills—Covered

Cash flow is the oxygen of businesses. Any interruption to the supply impedes a company’s ability to meet financial obligations on time, making them vulnerable to racking up debt or extra-large balances with back pay. Unlike many small businesses that fall behind bills while waiting on customer payments, SMBs on Crowdz can stay ahead by timing the sale of their invoices with when they need to have funds available.


Maintain An Appropriate Cash Cushion

Recent times have put a spotlight on the necessity of cash reserves. However, establishing an emergency fund can seem out of reach to owners that have a hard enough time keeping up with day-to-day expenses. Selling invoices on our platform offers a reliable cash infusion each month, so businesses short on liquidity can feel confident in their ability to put money aside.


The Trickle-Down Effect For Communities

Local businesses are responsible for building up local communities. They create jobs, increase city revenue, help finance neighborhood improvements, bring people together, and fuel the global economy. In funding 10 million dollars for small businesses, Crowdz also empowers the regions, industries, and families they support.


$10 Million Is Just The Start

Our team is proud of this achievement, but we also know there’s plenty of work ahead. If you’ve taken part in this recent success by selling your outstanding invoices on our platform, we can wait for the growth that awaits. Interested and looking for more information?

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