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Crowdz Joins Fuse As A Fintech Company

This new journey will also allow us to work with other brands offering innovative solutions in LegalTech and FinTech.

Crowdz is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other tech brands and deliver practical solutions. We are happy to announce that we will be joining the 6th Cohort of Allen & Overy’s tech innovation hub, Fuse.

This new journey will also allow us to work with other brands offering innovative solutions in LegalTech and FinTech.

Here are more details about the brands we will work with and what this step means for Crowdz.

What Does Fuse Involve?

Fuse in an innovation space founded by Allen & Overy. It offers brands in the legal and financial tech fields a chance to solve issues faced by various companies. Such include financial institutions, small and medium-sized businesses, and law firms.

Companies in a Fuse Cohort work with legal technologists from Allen & Overy to develop ideas. They also test software solutions with clients and receive input from financial institutions.

The Brands Crowdz Will Work With

Fuse presents opportunities for Crowdz to work with various brands. One company that we will collaborate with is Genesis. This brand helps other institutions build and integrate solutions using low code software.

We will also work with CoorpID, which focuses on helping companies manage KYC data. This brand also allows firms to exchange such information through a collaborative portal.

Other brands we will collaborate with at Fuse are:

  • Legal Construct- Helps business and legal teams filter and utilize contract data
  • One Creation- Allows companies to solve governance issues that affect data collection and protection
  • SparkChange- Allows investors to get the best returns with less environmental impact
  • ScribeStar- Offers a digital ecosystem that allows various parties to create and manage capital market issuances

What Joining Fuse Means to Crowdz as a FinTech Company

Crowdz provides funding solutions to small businesses. We also help investors and financial companies utilize untapped cash.

Being part of the Fuse cohort will help us enhance our solution to improve experiences for all users. Besides, we can boost the adoption of our tool by investors and entrepreneurs.

Since Fuse focuses on connecting clients with Fintech companies, we can expand our base. Our clients will also get a chance to test our solution and embrace its benefits.

Here is what our Director, Business Development & Sales, Aiman Khammash, has to say about this new journey.

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