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Team Spotlight: Marc Meyer – Director, Product Manager of Payments

Marc Meyer has recently joined our Product Development team as Director, Product Manager of Payments

Marc Meyer has recently joined our Product Development team as Director, Product Manager of Payments.

Marc was born and raised in the French part of Switzerland in a town called Lausanne. He studied Telecommunication Engineering in Switzerland and France and then left to California for his first job at Qualcomm. He worked as an engineer for 6 years before joining an MBA in Barcelona. Marc has been working in Strategy, Innovation and Product Development/Management in several countries including the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and London, where he has been living for now 12 years. He has specialized in the payment industry working for ACI and Barclaycard where he collaborated closely with the Crowdz while running the innovation team.

What are some highlights from your professional background?

  • My team setup of an innovation hub for Barclaycard in London. I had the privilege to collaborate and run pilots with some amazing start-ups, including Crowdz. I leveraged new technologies, to find win-win value proposition to channel to Barclaycard’s customers.
  • My second highlight includes volunteer work that I did in Chad during summer 2009. I worked for Oxfam for about 2 months at the border with Sudan. I was working in logistic and we supported internally displaced population. It was a very humbling experience.

Why was Crowdz a match for you? 

  • I think that culture is a big match for me. We have an open and challenging culture combined with a common goal. The company is also very ethical, via our Surf scoring we understand the impact on communities and carbon footprint of our invoices.

What’s your role? 

  • My role is primarily focusing a building our global payment infrastructure. Whilst the retail payment has experienced decades of innovation, the B2B payment world lags behind. Creating painless payment experience for our customers makes my job very interesting.

What are some of the hats you wear (known or unknown)

  • I am looking at future evolution on our financial services offerings as well as the issuance of a crypto coin for the future.

Why were you interested in working with Crowdz? / What makes Crowdz unique?  

  • I believe that we will and already have significant and tangible impacts on businesses and people livelihood. We supports SMEs (the backbones of our societies) and an area usually too expensive to serve for traditional players.

What is the future for Crowdz?

  • Significant shift on how the supply chain operates, better, faster, leaner.

Bonus Round:

What’s one fun fact we don’t know about you? 

I cannot wink my left eye, which is a problem when you are in the army and has to shot with your rifle. I was so bad with it that my superiors believed that I was an idiot

If you could choose anyone as your mentor, who would you pick?

Angela Merkel – managed 3 major crises with competence and composure

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had? 

Assembling missiles for combat jets

If you could learn anything what would it be?

Better code

What is the first concert you attended? 


If you have 30-minutes of free time how do you pass the time? 

With my family in Hampstead Heath (the best park in London) drinking a Flat White with oat milk


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