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Meet the Team: Marc, Senior Director, Blockchain

He has served his country, worked, and studied across the globe, and his vast working experience speaks for itself. But who is this thought leader behind the expansive industry knowledge?

Meet Marc Meyer, MBA, MSc, our Senior Director of Blockchain. 

In the world of FinTech, having a talented team is critical to success. At Crowdz, we’re fortunate to have Marc Meyer leading the charge as our Senior Director of Blockchain. Marc is a driver of innovation through blockchain technology, and his expertise in payments, open banking, and decentralized applications make him a key player to our success.

Marc’s vast experience speaks for itself, having authored our Avalon Marketplace white paper, but there is so much more to this thought leader behind the expansive industry knowledge. 

Marc lives in Switzerland (the French side of the country, to be exact) and has traveled the world, serving in the Swiss Army, working in Dubai, studying in Basuna, and working in the United States. He has also worked in war zones, been in remote locations close to the Sudan border, and been in Mali. These experiences have led him to discover amazing cultures and countries, but has also deepened his level of gratitude for western societies.

In the short-term, Marc is focused on delivering products to the market and increasing transactions. In the medium-term, his focal point is the architecture and value proposition of the product, solidifying the product roadmap, and executing the go-to-market strategy. His long-term goal is to ensure that Crowdz is operating as efficiently as a Swiss clock. He envisions a self-servicing platform in which small- to medium-sized businesses across the globe can complete transactions and scale their business in systematic and structured way. 

At Crowdz, we’re fortunate to have such a respected industry and thought leader on our team. Marc’s expertise and experience have been instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.

To hear his full story, check out the video below 👇


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