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New Feature: The Funder Wallet and Other Updates

Our latest upgrades and new features will provide you with an even more powerful platform, and the opportunity to grow your business faster.

Our latest upgrades and new launches will provide you with an even more powerful platform and the opportunity to grow your business faster.

We’re updating our platform with a few enhancements designed with you in mind. Now, sellers can enjoy an easier way to track funds, accept money, repay, and more. To ensure you know exactly how to take advantage of each feature, we’ve created a quick breakdown for you to peruse. Let’s catch you up to speed on how Crowdz—and your business—just became more awesome.


Keep Tabs On Action Updates

We get it. The inability to view action updates can be frustrating—until now. Our new in-app notification system helps you stay on top of all of your open actions. Here’s a look:


Get Full Traceability And Cash Faster

We’re thrilled to launch the Funder Wallet on our platform. The latest addition to the Funder dashboard makes life easier for our funders while supporting sellers with same-day payments. This new tool automatically reconciles invoices with payment and makes it possible to finance sellers directly from Crowdz Marketplace. Since users can now hold different currencies, they can fund invoices locally at lower costs and quicker clearing.

Keep an eye out for new notifications that track where your money is and when funds hit your Wallet.



Enjoy An Easier Seller Experience

We understand that accepting a bid can be a cumbersome process for sellers. With our latest update, sellers can secure a bid from any buyer on the Crowdz platform. They even get to choose their preferred way to receive funds without leaving the platform. If you don’t specify a payment method, we’ll simply default to your primary account.

Choose Repayment That Works For You

Good news! It’s now possible for sellers to choose the percentage of repayment on each invoice. We know you’re busy running your business, so automating repayment creates an effortless process. The repayment pop-up also makes it fast and easy for sellers to let us know which payment method they prefer, e.g., bank transfer or ACH debit.

Our product team is always working on the next generation of Crowdz, and we are excited to reveal more features soon. You can always chat with us on our platform or send us emails at support@crowdz.io—we promise to get back to you promptly!

Join our blog or connect with us on social media to learn about our newest launches and updates.


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