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Podcast Interview: A Conversation with Blockleaders

Marc Meyer and James Kouzinas talk to Jillian about Crowdz, the first invoice marketplace built specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

We're focused on revolutionizing how small and medium-sized business gain access to working capital. By replacing outdated processes, we're able to reduce wasted time and excessive fees. We're taking it a step further by tokenizing these unpaid receivables and completing these transactions on-chain, which opens several opportunities to SMBs from both an access to capital perspective and a security perspective.

In this episode with Blockleaders, podcast host Jillian Godsil sits down with our very own blockchain experts, Marc Meyer and James Kouzinas, to discuss how we're implementing these updated processes, the future of payments, our roadmap, our take on what can improve in the crypto world post-FTX, and so much more.

Check out this insightful interview! 


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