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Crowdz Evolution 13.3.10: Latest Innovations in Onboarding and Risk Management

Learn about the latest enhancements happening to the Crowdz platform for SMEs and Funders.

We're honored and thrilled to unveil a series of powerful enhancements tailored to our esteemed financial institution partners at Crowdz and the SMEs they serve.

Our latest updates bring forth a smoother SME onboarding experience, with :

  • direct debit onboarding for auto repayments, 
  • an enhanced SuRF score model for risk rating, and 
  • our optimized lien search, AML/KYB, and KYC verification for new users.

SMEs can verify their organization and provide liveliness checks with a few simple clicks. SMEs are now able to create direct debit mandates in under a minute, which assist in seamless repayment of funded receivables. The revamped SuRF allows for unparalleled risk management capabilities, with the ability to accelerate or decelerate the SuRF score based on payment history on the platform. In addition to these enhancements, we are thrilled to introduce our PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) capabilities in Australia. This powerful feature ensures that your institution remains compliant with Australian regulations, simplifying the complexities of managing secured property interests while funding the receivables on the platform.

Let's dive into these upgrades and explore the wealth of benefits they bring to your institution, now including seamless regulatory compliance with PPSR functionality.

Creating Direct Debit Mandates in under a minute

  • Simplified Client Integration: to further improve our streamlined onboarding and repayment experience, SMEs can now create a direct debit mandate in under a minute. This helps boost operational efficiency, resulting in reduced administrative tasks, faster client onboarding and repayment setup, and, most importantly, elevated client satisfaction.


SuRF - Precision-Packed Risk Management

  • Tailored Risk Strategy: Our revamped SuRF tool empowers your institution with the ability to fine-tune risk and yield management precisely to your specifications. Whether you need to accelerate or decelerate the SuRF score of the SME based on repayment behavior within your predefined parameters, SuRF gives you the control to align your risk strategy seamlessly with your business goals.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: SuRF's enhanced capabilities mean more precise risk scoring, enabling smarter data-driven decisions. You can now assess risk with laser-sharp accuracy, mitigating potential losses, and optimizing your portfolio's performance.

SuRF Score - Real Time


PPSR Management in Australia

  • Effortless Compliance: Crowdz's platform goes beyond traditional offerings by allowing you to search, file, and discharge PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) in Australia with ease.
    • Search - discover if there are any liens on the receivable
    • File - register the lien when SME accepts offer
    • Discharge - release the lien holding when the SME makes the repayment

    This integrated feature ensures that your institution remains compliant with Australian regulations while simplifying the complexities of managing secured property interests when funding receivables on our platform. It's one more way Crowdz empowers your institution to excel in today's ever-changing financial landscape.


Fortifying Client Relationships

  • Deepened Client Trust: The combination of direct debit onboarding and use of SuRF's automated receivable risk management prowess enables your institution to offer clients an experience that is both effortless and secure. This builds trust, solidifies relationships, and positions your institution as a leader in delivering cutting-edge financial solutions.

In the ever-evolving world of finance, progress demands a commitment to innovation. At Crowdz, we stand firm in our commitment to equipping our financial institution partners with the tools and capabilities required for success. Our latest platform enhancements underscore this commitment, not only enhancing efficiency but also offering precision and control in client onboarding, risk management, and regulatory compliance. 

Step into a world of new possibilities and empower your institution to thrive in today's ever-changing financial landscape with Crowdz. Discover the benefits of our platform today, contact us to learn more.

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