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Crowdz Evolution 13.3.9: Breakthrough in User Experience and Security

Learn about the latest enhancements happening to the Crowdz platform for SMEs and Funders.

In the dynamic realm of financial technology, embracing innovation is essential. We're thrilled to introduce a significant advancement in both user experience and security through our latest product release, version 13.3.9, at Crowdz. This unveiling not only streamlines the journey for small-to-medium enterprise (SME) sellers but also sets new benchmarks for security within our partnerships with financial institutions. Our goal is to provide users with a seamless and secure platform, fostering both ease of use and confidence.

Enhanced User Experience

Navigating through invoice financial transactions has never been more straightforward, all thanks to the refined user interface of our recent release. Our design philosophy centers on enhancing user journeys without sacrificing vital functionality. Here's how we're achieving this:

  • Intuitive Design: We've reimagined the marketplace layout, ensuring that sellers can effortlessly access the core feature of our platform: selling their qualified invoices. The interface now exclusively displays qualified invoices, streamlining the experience.

Upgraded Seller Dashboard


Redefining Security Standards

We fully grasp that security is of utmost importance when dealing with financial platforms. Our latest product release takes a significant step forward in bolstering financial institutions' protection of their yield and risk strategies. By presenting only qualified invoices to sellers, we've minimized the margin for user errors and substantially reduced the available information for potential reverse engineering of funding parameters.

A Glimpse into the Finance Future

With the introduction of this product release, we're not simply unveiling a refreshed user interface and improved security measures – we're providing a sneak peek into the future of invoice finance. Our unwavering commitment to simplifying intricate financial processes while simultaneously reinforcing security underscores our dedication to revolutionizing the trade finance sector.

Discover the New Crowdz Release Today

We invite you to explore the features and benefits of the latest Crowdz release today. It's not just an update; it's a step towards a more user-friendly and secure financial future. Join us as we redefine financial technology.

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